1971 born in Madrid (Spain)

Abitur (German University-entrance diploma)

Art was examination topic with 15/15 pts

1998 Master degree in Lingustics, Philosophy and German Philology

intense autodidactical drawing and painting studies with several different stylistic phases

- 1995 pointilistic paintings (oil and water color)

- 1995 oil paintings on paper and carton

- 1996 photograms with water color

since ~1993 painting on black grounds (oil, crayons and gouache)

since ~1995 dense figuration (oil and drawings)

since ~2000 water color on canvas

since ~2000 painting and drawing mixes

since 2014 use of Acrylic colors

since 2014 drawings on plywood


first web presence

first exhibitions in off spaces (Cologne)


join co/Atelier (artist group)

first group exhibition in co/Atelier

2016 first solo exhibition in co/Atelier



2014 -2015 "Momenthunger", solo exposition, Cologne (off space)
2015 "WinterVORfreuden", group exposition, co/Atelier, Cologne
2016 "Blickliches", solo exposition, co/Atelier, Cologne
2016 co/Atelier at art'pu:l, art fair, Pulheim
2016 "wie Erinnertes", solo exposition, Cologne (off space)
2016 "Faktor 6", group exposition, co/Atelier, Cologne
2016 "offene Ateliers", group exposition, co/Atelier, Cologne
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